About Us

Lianyungang Qinglang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2018, with the registered capital of 5 million RMB and project investment of 57.77million RMB. 

We are an integrated modern chemical enterprise, specializing in scientific and technological innovation. 

Based on "production, research and development",we offer different kinds of chemical products with sales 

and after-sales service. We have advanced experimental equipment and laboratory instruments with 

independent research and development capabilities.Our well-trained team are composed of one senior 

engineer, three engineers and a doctoral candidate. 

Our products lines are all encouraged and up to the industrial policy requirements. The key projects include zinc oxide of 80000MTS per year, high purity manganese carbonate of 6000MTS per year, manganese carbonate of phosphating grade of 2000MTS per year, manganese dihydrogen phosphate (Mazhev salt) of 2000MTS per year, manganese(II) phosphate of 200MTS per year, manganese series surface conditioner of 100MTS per year, manganese nitrate solution of 1000MTS per year, manganese(II) chloride of 2000MTS per year. The 

derivative products are manganese sulfate, manganese fluoride, manganese acetate, manganese bromide, 

zinc fluoride, and cobalt (I) fluoride etc. 

Our technology and equipment are up-to-date.The production process is of environmental protection and 

energy-saving.The treatment of wastes of water, gases and residues are up to the national discharging standards. Our products are stable in quality and widely used in the industries of food, rubber and plastic, daily 

cosmetics spices, edible spices, pharmaceuticals and other fields with great potential market demand. Everyone in our company is dedicated to serving customers. We are always ready to serve our customers for 

products listed or related, as we are sure that we can provide the best service by our competitive products.